Obeying God produces miracles.

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Doing what God says, when He says, without fear, all of the time, changes you and your circumstance.Daryl Wicker

If you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. You’ve signed a spiritual contract to let him be “master controller” as it says in the greek. What that means is this. Look first to his desires. Listen to the Comforter (The Holy Spirit). Do what you are told and the miraculous things that only God can do will follow.

At Jesus’ first miracle… Water into wine. Mary told the men to do what Jesus told them to do. Do you think they knew he would turn their efforts into a miracle. I don’t think so.

But their obedience to his command produced the best wine available. Not only was the miracle of the molecules of water being turned into grape juice molecules incredible, but the fact that the wine was the best. Excellent wine is only developed over time.

Jesus made time obey his command. If you think your dream is dead because so much time has passed… Listen to Jesus… do what he says… and watch time become meaningless.

Remember… this is God’s dream, given to you. He will accomplish what He has started.

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