Daryl’s Vision

I’m Daryl Wicker.
Email: Daryl@GlobalConsortium.earth
Skill set/Occupation: I am a musician, audio engineer, 3D artist, singer, producer, project manager, worship leader, pastor, visionary and out of the box thinker.

My vision is to see The Kingdom of God rise up and make media of all kinds for The Kingdom, by The Kingdom.

In the near future I will build a campus that has production facilities for all media types, film, music, art, animation, video, gaming, web development & APP creation. Educational facilities for pre-school, grade school, high school, college & career.

There, integrity, ethics, biblical principals and life skills are weaved into every fabric of peoples’ lives through every form of media.

Students from all over the world will come to live and be educated, trained and immersed in their individual skill sets with like minded others to create a concentrated, synergistic environment where all will excel at a concentrated pace.

The goal is to counteract the effect on culture that a certain huge group of media conglomerates has had on our society. (They constantly place damaged children and young adults into the limelight to infect the masses with their immorality and spread their subliminal messages to the world.) I see a world where believers have the ability to create a Pixar like environment with a Tyler Perry ability to build it outside of Hollywood and have it be successful.

To reach all the places of the earth with content that is truly wholesome, engaging and  powerful with top notch quality and cutting edge technology engraved into every facet of the productions. Movies that aren’t infiltrated with useless foul language. Films & Television Shows that have compelling stories and super hot soundtracks that are the best of the best. An environment where the top notch creators work at their best on the best equipment and in the best environments. It can be done and I will see it.