What desire or vision burns in your chest?

You most likely have a vision, dream or goal to do what it is you do for The Kingdom of God. You feel this passionately. You can’t go one day without thinking about it. You wish and plan for this dream to come to life. You’ve prayed a lot, and sometimes it seems like it will never come to pass.

For some it’s been years. For others, a majority of, or most of their life span. The crazy thing is… You feel like the time is here or is very close for the dream to be “birthed”. You need to see the dream become reality! It’s on your mind all the time. You pray and ask God for clarity, you ask Him to reveal “THE PLAN”.


You’ve asked Him, “Am I crazy? Is this just me or my desire?” Yet you know deep down in your Spirit… it is Him.

That is why you are here. This resonates with you on a very deep level.

My name is Daryl Wicker and I feel the very same way. All of the time! I have felt for many, many years that God has this “elite force”, this group of very influential, very talented, well respected and well positioned believers who are sold out to Him.

They say… “All that I have is yours; my talent, my gifts, my money, my assets, my position, my influence, my business. It’s all yours Lord! What I do… I do for You and Your Kingdom.

AND, I know there is a special place and time when you will call me into action.”

There are some who have set aside assets like land, equipment, instruments, money, resources and time as well as the use of their companies for when they hear the call from God to engage.

I feel very strongly that the time is NOW for us to engage in a very simple conversation as believers.

To join together in unity of purpose to ask God what it is He wants us to do as His unified, well positioned believers. To get on one page! Wake up! Rise up! Then GET UP with a plan and move forward step by step into what God has burning so passionately in our collective chests!

This is not a call to create a company or a business.

We are all probably part of a company or own one.

This is simply a call to have an honest, soul bearing conversation, together, about what God is stirring up in His body on the earth.

This isn’t a church thing… It’s a Kingdom thing. God wants to unify us and empower us to do what He wants to do on the earth in these crazy times. We are all sick of the garbage the media conglomerates pump at us. All of the ungodly content weaved into relatively good content. I don’t doubt that many of you work in these industries and feel trapped and hate the work you “have” to do to make ends meet.

I pose to you one very simple question…

What if we united for a simple conversation… And God in His infinite wisdom… Has poured into each of us, all around the world… a piece of an amazing, “only God could do this” plan… That changes everything for all of us? Think about it…

I would LOVE to see what happens when we do that. I’m very certain that the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. I’m not sure how we do this. But I am certain that somebody in this “elite force” network does. Let’s start by sharing who we are, what we do and the vision that is burning with passion in our chests. I’ll go first.

Click the link to see my passion. (Daryl’s Vision)

And then you can log in with your name, email, occupation or skill and a short synopsis of your passionate dream or vision. When you are done, share the link with everyone you can think of. Let’s see if we can unite the Kingdom within a few weeks or even hours.


Daryl’s Passion & Vision