What desire is burning in your heart right now?

If you are reading this. You probably have a vision, dream or a goal to use your abilities or resources, whatever they may be, to do something for The Kingdom of God. You feel this passionately. You can’t go one day without thinking about, longing for, wishing and planning for this dream to come to life. You’ve prayed a lot, and sometimes it seems like it will never come to pass. Yet you feel an urgency to do it now! You are not alone and you are right… the time is now!

What is a Consortium?

We are the global consortium.

A community of believers driven to do what they individually feel their calling is. Operating and planning in UNITY with other believers from all over the earth.

The goal of this community is to start a global conversation about what we each are doing passionately for the Kingdom of God and to see what the GLOBAL picture is that God is creating through us all. The Body of Christ. We each have a piece of the puzzle.

The Global Community


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One Vision

Motivated Believers

Unlimited Influence

“Visualize a global group of talented and dedicated individuals all strategizing for the Kingdom of God.”

-Daryl Wicker

A POWERFUL “giant, awakened with a meaningful purpose”.


“Imagine what happens when we each share our piece of God’s amazing puzzle and see a picture emerge that only God could design… the time is nowDaryl Wicker

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